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Undoubtedly one of the most difficult pests to control, Dog Fleas in Singapore have become a nightmare to a lot of homes & dogs. & It’s not uncommon for a dog to have fleas in our humid tropical Singapore.

Dogs often get infested with fleas through contact with other animals or contact with fleas in the environment. The strong back legs of this insect enable it to jump from host to host or from the surrounding environment onto the host. (Fleas do not have wings, so they cannot fly.)

The flea’s bite can cause itching for the host, leading to flees allergy dermatitis, this itching can be quite severe. It can lead to severe scratching and chewing that causes hair loss, inflammation and secondary skin infections. Some pets can be hypersensitive to the flea’s saliva and will itch all over from the bite of even a single flea.

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Fleas on dogs can be a real health hazard for your dog and you. Diseases transmitted by fleas caused more death in the world than any other pests. The most well-known flea transmitted diease is the Bubonic Plague. in the 14th century, the bubonic plague (“known as the black death”) became an epidemic and killed 25 million people up to 50% of the European population. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bubonic_plague

Experts in multiplication

Flea infestations can rapidly get out of control. That’s because fleas lay eggs in such large numbers. At a rate of 40 to 50 per day for around 50 days, a single female flea can produce 2,000 eggs in her lifetime. Flea larvae burrow deep into fabrics, bedding and carpeting.


Neighbors pets transmitting fleas

Easily transferrable from pets to pets

While walking your dogs, grass patches.

While at the groomer’s or vet visits


Bed & Bed Sheets

Curtains Drapes

Sofa, Furniture, Carpet

Walls, Crack & Crevices


An infestation that spreads rapidly in the house

Cat Fleas Transmitting Diseases

Stress and sleep deprivation

Skin allergy, irritation due to dog fleas bites


  1. Fleas can go a long time without eating, Research shows that pupae can stay in their cocoons for up to a year. They’re also indiscriminate feeders.
  1. Fleas have Olympic-caliber jumping skills. It’s generally recognised that fleas are some of the best jumpers in the world, able to jump more than 150 times their body length.
  1. Flea infestations can make animals & human very sick. In severe infestations, fleas can consume so much of a host’s blood that the host becomes very ill.
  1. Fleas can transmit diseases that impact humans. Fleas are carriers of all sorts of bacteria, including bacteria that can cause disease in people. One of the more prominent examples is Bartonella henselae, which is the bacteria responsible for cat scratch disease.
  1. A single adult flea can lay 50 eggs per day if it’s well fed on your pets blood, and in its short lifespan can produce 2,000 eggs , a single prolific female flea can cause a major infestation in less than two months.
  1. Adult fleas poop blood. Fleas feed exclusively on blood, using their piercing, sucking mouthparts to siphon it from their hosts. An adult flea may take as many as 15 blood meals in a single day. And like any animal, a flea produces waste at the end of the digestion process. Flea feces are essentially dried blood residue. When they hatch, flea larvae feed on this dried blood waste.
  1. Fleas prefer humid environments. Fleas don’t thrive in low humidity, which is why they are a huge problem in humid Singapore.
  1. Fleas are infamous for their role in transmitting the Black Death.

During the Middle Ages, tens of millions of people died of the plague, or Black Death as it spread across Asia and Europe. Cities were particularly hard hit. London lost 20% of its population to the plague in just two years. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bubonic_plague

  1. You can have a flea infestation without a pet.
  1. There are over 2000 species of fleas worldwide


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