Removing ticks without shaving? yes it’s possible.

Ticks Spread Like Wildfire… And By The Time You Noticed One, Your House Is Probably Infested! Ticks don’t only affect dogs but human and they spread diseases like LYME

A single female pregnant #tick can lay OVER 5000 eggs within 10 days.

Suitcases, cracks & crevices , bed frames , backpacks, handbags and even items of furniture, such as wardrobes and sofas all provide #ticks with free travel to a new and exciting place to live.

This can be a permanent problem and things only get worse over time.. Yes we provide de-ticking services without shaving. Of course shaving would be the better option as it enables us to see under the skin for any eggs or baby ticks.

Protect yourself, Act Fast Save Life’s
Call our friendly consolation at 85262626 to see how we can help you

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