I’ve called this company and got a fast response, handled my enquiry promptly and the technicians were despatched to my place is no time. Ticks issues were solved within 1 session and very thankful that our family and pet now sleeps in peace. Thanks once again.

Monica Tan

Such convenience, they can handle the shaving of the dog & the home, saving me time and trips to the groomers, vets and pest control. One of the best service and money i’ve spend. 5 Star!

Mrs Tay

Excellent work on removing the fleas on my cat! situation was terrible till i found you guys.

John Lee

Bacon is an outdoor dog that loves to walk a lot, and naturally ticks would always hang around him. This guys did such a great job in doing the pest control for the home and the dog. Will definitely recommend this company if you are in such a situation.


My Maltese got ticks about a week ago, and it got pretty bad. But this company was able to exterminate the ticks in the home and the dog very quickly. Extremely satisfied with the efficiency. Highly recommended.

Brad Smith