• WHY US ?

Why are we different from your regular pest control?

– General pest control company uses commercial grade pesticide that even a rodent might not survive. Such toxicity are harmful to your pets & you and are generally not targeted for ticks & fleas.

We believe in convenience for your customers

We provide and possess the necessary skills needed to shave & treat the your dog and cats from ticks, fleas & eggs they deposit, saving you time, money & coordination to the groomers & vets.

  • 100% elimination guaranteed

    Our team of experts promise that the elimination of eggs will prevent further manifestation in your home!

  • Effective, safe & natural

    The products and methods we use are effective, safe & natural.

  • A team of experienced professionals

    A team of professionals, our team consist the most well-trained, experienced and professional pest controllers.

Providing expert advice at no cost:

Providing absolutely free advice if you have a general question on your infestation, our team is extremely happy to help share their knowledge to assist you as much as possible. Not sure what is causing that infestation in your home? Snap a picture and send it to us for efficient expert advice.